As a newbie to Asia I get emailed a whole load of questions, so here I have listed out a few that I feel are applicable to most...



If I can only communicate in English will that affect my trip to Asia?

Oooh this can be rather tricky, I mean if you are visiting metropolitan hubs such as Hong Kong and Bangkok, my answer is NO(!), these  cities are usually english-savy and are very easy to navigate.

However, of you are visiting rural areas I have a list of good tricks you can use to navigate based on the country! (Check out 'TIPS')

Recommend a good airline to ensure a safe flight into Asia

Finding a good airline is key to a comfortable travelling experience. My advice is to always use your national carrier if possible as it ensure you will be re-routed back to your home country if there is any issue.

Not all travelers can look for safety, cost is a huge consideration when making plans. Personally the best budget airline I have come across is Air Asia--- No complaints!

What food do you recommend?

This is personally a very tough one for me. I am a major foodie and simply enjoy trying new things. Despite my piling dietary restrictions, I try my best to be open and adventurous with my food options. My website will soon  have a few food blogs so stay tuned for that!

That being said, Japanese all the wayyyyyyy